How to Stop your Thighs Rubbing Together

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When you walk, run or ride your bike, you want to feel the burn. But you don't want it to come from the heat of your thighs rubbing together. Unfortunately it is not possible to spot train one particular area on your body to remove fat, so you can stop looking for miracle exercises to reduce the size of your inner thighs. But you can take measures to keep your thighs from rubbing together and to prevent chafing if they do rub together despite your best efforts.

Wash yourself to remove any dried sweat that can irritate your skin.

Apply a generous amount of powder to your thigh and crotch area. Avoid products with talc, as they may cause health problems.

Apply one of several products available. Monistat makes a cream for anti-chafing, as do athletic product manufacturers BodyGlide, SportsSlick and Hydropel.

Put on a pair of spandex shorts under your workout clothes, skirts or dresses. If you are exercising, look for a pair that wicks the sweat away from your body.