How to Stop Dying Your Hair and Let the Gray Grow Out

Men and women dye their hair for a number of reasons, including to cover up the natural aging process of graying hair. Some individuals reach a point in life when they feel it's time to experience the freedom of no longer dying their hair and decide to let the gray hair grow.

Work on changing your perceptions of beauty. The decision to stop dying hair can be a difficult one, because appearances can play a large role in happiness and self-esteem. Open your mind to the possibility that gray or white hair represents more than just age; it also signifies natural beauty, wisdom and confidence.

Try something new besides hair color. On your next visit to the salon, get a new haircut. Consider a short bob, layers or any new look you've often thought about. Look ahead to the new, undyed you, without compromising the experience of coming home with a different look.

Keep your hair in top condition. Years of dying can dry out your locks. Use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, as well as frequent deep-conditioning treatments. Consider products made for gray hair, to keep your natural color vibrant. Avoid blow drying, curling or straightening every day, which further dries out hair.

Be patient while growing out the dyed hair. Permanent hair dye will only go away once the hair grows and is cut off. However, you can achieve allover color more quickly by getting a short haircut.