How to Spot Fake Ray-Ban Aviators

Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses have become an iconic brand in fashion eyewear, with their place in pop culture being cemented through their appearance in movies such as "Top Gun" and "Risky Business." Because of this popularity, Ray-Bans are one of the brands of fashion eyewear frequently replicated by companies trying to manufacture cheaper "knock-offs" and pass them off as authentic to unsuspecting consumers. Fortunately, there are several ways to identify fake Ray-Ban Aviators.

Check the authenticity card. Every pair of Ray-Ban Aviators comes with one. If yours didn't, or if the card looks like it is printed on cheap paper or contains errors in spelling or grammar, then you have a fake pair.

Check the sides of the frames for the trademark Ray-Ban "RB" logo etched into them. If the logo is painted on instead of etched, or if the logo is etched sloppily, then the Ray-Bans are fake.

Look at the nose pads. Authentic Ray-Ban Aviators feature an interlocking "RB" logo.

Check all the rubber components of your Aviators. If any feel like they are made of low-quality rubber, or if they are stiff or slick, then the Ray-Bans are fake.

Look inside the case that came with the sunglasses. If it's not lined with fur, or if the gold Luxottica logo inside the case looks like it is "off" or if the printing is sloppy, the Ray-Bans are not authentic.