How to Soften Deep Wrinkles on Face

by Aya Pauli ; Updated September 28, 2017

If you’re looking for ways to soften deep wrinkles on your face, there are many techniques available. Unfortunately, most of the methods require expensive procedures and/or creams. If you’re looking for a cheap and natural way to soften deep wrinkles on your face, proper skin care could be your best choice. Properly exfoliating and moisturizing your skin every day is a slow, but effective, way to gently soften deep wrinkles. Proper skin care cannot fill or erase deep wrinkles on your face, but it can soften the lines and help prevent the wrinkles from getting worse.

Pull your hair away from your face and secure it with a hair tie. Splash your face with warm water a few times to make sure your skin is warm and wet.

Apply a gentle, exfoliating cleanser to the tip of your fingers. Use a soft, circular motion to apply the cleanser to your face with your fingers to help remove dead skin. Exfoliate your entire face, including your nose and chin, but do not apply the cleanser around the eyes.

Rinse the cleanser from your fingers with warm water. Splash warm water over your face several times until the cleanser has been completely washed away. Use a damp washcloth to help remove the cleanser if needed.

Use a clean and thick towel to gently pat your face and neck dry. Allow your skin to air dry for one or two minutes.

Apply a generous amount of facial moisturizer to your clean fingertips to help hydrate deep wrinkles. Use gentle circles and upward sweeps to apply the moisturizer to your skin. Work the moisturizer into your skin softly but completely.

Apply a generous amount of eye moisturizer to the tip of your index fingers. Use your fingers to lightly dab the moisturizer around your eyes, covering both the upper and lower lids.

Allow the moisturizers to soak into your skin for five to ten minutes to soften deep wrinkles before applying any makeup or resting your head on a pillow. Repeat the entire process one or two times a day.


  • If you want to a powerful boost in your skin care products to help soften deep wrinkles on your face, look for products that contain powerful moisturizers and/or collagen for temporary results. For gradual and permanent results, look for products that contain alpha hydroxy acids and/or retinol.

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