How to Size My Head for a Hat

by Owen Pearson ; Updated September 28, 2017 Images

Because the popularity of hats has dwindled over the past century, fewer people have the occasion to purchase a hat. Most do not know their hat size, or even how to determine which size they should choose. If you need a hat for a special occasion, to wear with formal attire or to just stand out in a crowd, determining your hat size is a simple task that can be accomplished in less than 5 minutes.

Have a friend measure the circumference of your head with a tape measure. The tape should cross just above your eyebrows, and about ΒΌ inch above your ears.

Write down the measurement where the tape measure meets, to the nearest 1/8 inch. This measurement is the circumference of your head.

Divide the measurement in inches by 3.1428. The quotient will give you your U.S. hat size.

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