How to Measure Neck Size for a Bow Tie

Leonard Mc Lane/Digital Vision/Getty Images

When visiting a shop containing fine menswear, it’s almost guaranteed that the associates will all be trained in how to measure various parts of a customer’s body. While having a professional measure your neck size for you is one option, it won’t help you if you are ordering neckties off of the Internet or if you want to have your measurements prepared before you arrive at a store. Measuring your neck size for a bow tie is a relatively simple process that can be done in minutes.

Place the starting end of a cloth tape measure on the base of your neck. A good place to start your measurement is from your Adam’s apple. Hold the starting end in place with one hand while wrapping the rest of the tape measure around the back of your neck over to the other side.

Pull the measuring tape so that measurement but not too tight around your neck. Bring the tape over the top of the original starting point of the tape and hold it in place with one hand. Make sure the tape is completely even around your neck and that it’s not twisted in the back. With your other hand, attempt to stick your index finger between your neck and the measuring tape to evaluate how snug it is. If need be, loosen up slightly on the measuring tape to make your neck more comfortable.

Continue to hold the measuring tape in place around your neck. Look into a mirror and look at what the measurement number is at the exact point where the measuring tape overlaps the starting point (i.e. over your Adam’s apple). If the measurement is between a whole or half size, round up. For example, if the measurement is 16.75 inches, round up to 17 inches. Write down the measurement for future reference.