How to Size Boys' Shoes

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Finding the proper size shoe for your child is essential to making sure your boy can run and play comfortably without pinching or accidentally tripping over his own shoes. If you don't have time to have him sized at the shoe store, measuring at home is relatively easy. Comparing your measurements to a children's shoe chart will help you find the right size boys' shoes, even if you're out shopping without your boy.

Unravel your tape measure and have your child sit down without wriggling. Too much movement could result in an inaccurate measurement and shoes that don't fit well.

Hold the end of the tape measure to the boy's heel and stretch it out along the bottom of his foot in a straight line until it meets up with his big toe.

Record the measurement in inches and centimeters for easy conversion.

Allow room for growth so you aren't buying new shoes in a month by adding 1/4 to 1/2 inch to your measurement.

Consult with an online shoe size chart, like Shoe Size Guide on Soft Moc, or Most Comfortable Shoes (see Resources).