How to Set Up a Church Membership Monthly Dues List

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For some churches, members pay dues. These dues range from ten percent tithes that they committed to, a program that they signed up for, or a separate donation for which they promised. Keeping a record of those dues payed by church members provides accountability by the church. An official ledger can be quickly drafted and regularly updated by church officials in charge of tracking member participation.

Write a list of your current members. Arrange their names in alphabetical order. Collect data from all necessary sources (the members themselves and existing church records), indicating their family names and contact information.

Open a computer software, online program (like Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets, or Lotus), or a hard-copy notebook to create a spreadsheet. Make columns for each of the following categories: Member name (last and first), member address, member phone number, member email address, dues paid to date, dues owed, and membership standing (active or inactive). Note the date on each entry, making an identical -- but separate -- sheet for each month.

Fill out the spreadsheet according to information on your list and the facts that you gather. Obtain this information by contacting the members themselves or by asking fellow staff members at the church. Make sure that your records are accurate before you record the data and inform any members of outstanding dues. Double-check all of your information by showing your completed spreadsheet to other administrators.

Make copies of your physical records, and back up digital files online, so that you never lose the original spreadsheet or render it unrecoverable. Regularly maintain the spreadsheet according to your latest information, and alert each member promptly when they begin to fall behind on their payments. Consider setting up regular email alerts whenever payment deadlines are near so that members feel in-the-loop.