Church Remodeling Grants

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Securing financing to remodel a church can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, there are many programs designed specifically to help churches and other nonprofits through this process. Three options to consider include grant-matching services such as, government funding through the Faith-Based Initiatives program, or a program specifically geared for churches such as the General Board of Church and Society Of The United Methodist Church.

Church Grants is an organization dedicated to helping churches secure funding for remodeling, reconstruction, and other purposes. They do not issue the grants themselves--rather, they help churches connect with sources of funding. For instance, they offer extensive information and advice to help churches secure funding through government programs. Additional resources offered by Church Grants include tips for writing proposals, lists of organizations offering grants, and opportunities for churches to acquire free furniture and other supplies.

White House Faith-Based Initiative

The White House runs a program specifically benefiting faith-based programs such as churches and other religious organizations. To qualify for funding from this program, a church must demonstrate that the money will be used for purposes that will benefit the community. Examples of community benefits would include a building that will be used to feed and shelter the homeless, a free day care program, or programs for recovering substance abusers such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

General Board of Church and Society

The General Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church is an example of a denomination-specific source of grant funding. To qualify, a Methodist church must be able to show that they are striving to meet objectives such as “ending conflicts and violent aggressions around the world” or “promoting just national and international policies seeking to restore communities and respond to the disproportionate effect of injustices on racial and ethnic persons.” If the church can demonstrate that they are working towards such an objective, they can submit an application and ultimately may secure funding in amounts reaching over $200,000. As you can see, there are a number of options for churches seeking funds for remodeling. These include programs to match churches with funding, government grants, and private funding. In nearly all cases, the church will have to demonstrate that they will use the funding towards a project which will in turn benefit the community or greater good--whether locally or internationally.