How to Get Free Stuff for Schools

Most every one knows that schools are underfunded. This underfunding makes it hard for teachers to provide the supplies their students need. This directly influences the quality of education our children receive. In a world where American students are slipping behind their international peers, this is unacceptable. However, people are against raising taxes just to help schools. Luckily, there is a way to get free items for schools. The community has a wealth of products at their fingertips that may be perfect for the schools. The secret is asking the right people.

Ask the parents. Many parents do part of their work at home. Parents can be an essential source of free things from old computers, printers, or reference books. Some parents may even donate supplies such as paper and pens for the tax deductions. To get free things for school from parents, you will need to send information home with students informing parents of the need.

Look into getting your school enrolled in existing programs. There are a lot of programs that give free items for schools. Publix, like many grocery stores, partners with schools in many areas to give back a portion of their profits to participating schools. General Mills has three easy programs to get free stuff for the schools. One is the basic box top program, where people in the community clip the box tops off participating products. These are then sent to the school to redeem for points. With the Box Tops Marketplace, you can shop at over 60 online stores. A portion of the purchase is donated to the schools without extra cost to you. There is a new way that will be introduced in September that will allow schools to earn money, just from a purchasing book online. With all the three programs, schools can earn up to $60,000 a year from General Mills. The best way to maximize the earning makes sure parents understand these programs. A party for the classroom that brings in the most box tops is a great method to bring attention to these programs.

Ask businesses for contributions. Many businesses, both small and large, set aside money every year to give to community causes. To receive this money, you need to ask and may have to follow certain company procedures, but you will be surprised with what businesses will contribute.

Look to local colleges or universities. Many higher education institutes continuously update their equipment and classrooms. Instead of throwing these away, they can be persuaded to give these to area schools.

Seek out community service or professional groups. These groups may have the money set aside to provide grants. These grants may provide the school with anything from books to computers. The best way to find out about these programs is to ask group members.