How to Sell Old Jewelry to Make Money Fast

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Many women find themselves with a jewelry box filled with an assortment of old jewelry that they no longer wear. You may be hesitant to try to sell your old jewelry because you don't know what it's worth, or you're unsure of where you should try to sell it. There are several ways to find out the value of your jewelry and sell it for the best price. Why not take the opportunity to make some money and get rid of clutter at the same time?

Step 1

Try selling costume jewelry and non-precious metals on an online auction site. This type of jewelry is often bought for daily wear and it does not need to be worth much. A jeweler might not want to purchase costume jewelry, but an online shopper might think your quirky Santa pin is darling.

Step 2

Call local jewelry stores and jewelers and ask if they buy jewelry. Although they may not advertise it, many will purchase quality used jewelry and watches made of precious metals and valuable stones.

Step 3

Take your high-quality jewelry to a local pawn shop and ask for an offer. Pawn shops usually do not offer top dollar, but they can be a good option if you cannot find other buyers.

Step 4

Consider a reputable mail-in jewelry purchasing company. These companies will send you a packet through the mail that you can use to send your jewelry back to them. The company will send you an offer in the form of a check. You can cash the check to accept the offer, or request your jewelry back if you do not like the offer. Before selecting a mail-order company, make the company is reputable and has a good service record.

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