How to Roll a Dress Shirt

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Garment bags are not always convenient when traveling, and simply folding a dress shirt for packing in a suitcase can result in unsightly creases and wrinkles. Prevent crumpling and keep your packed dressed shirts smooth by rolling them. Rolling clothes will not only deter the need for an iron after unpacking, it will also ensure optimum utilization of the available space in your suitcase. Skirts, ties, and pants can also be rolled.

Button all the buttons on your shirt.

Lay your shirt front side down on a flat surface, such as a table or a bed.

Smooth your shirt out so that it is lying flat. Position the sleeves so they are sitting naturally to the sides of the shirt (at a slight angle so there is no bunching in the armpits).

Lay a plastic garment bag or a medium-size trash bag lengthwise on top of the shirt.

Fold the sleeves over the edges of the plastic bag.

Roll the shirt up, starting at the bottom. Roll semi-tightly. Keep the arms flush against the back of the shirt as you roll.

Leave the collar sticking out at the top.