How to Revive Your Weave

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For four to six weeks, your hair weave acts like your real hair, enduring styling treatments and the environment, without the healing benefits of natural hair oils. Once maintenance time arrives, human hair or synthetic hair weaves can look grungy. Before moving the weave back up the hairline for another few weeks, take some extra steps to refresh the hairpiece. Good hair care along the way can possibly prolong the hair's life. However, all weaves need replacing after a few months, even with careful styling.

Refresh a weave with a nourishing shampoo. Select a shampoo designed for your weave type. Wet the hair with warm water, then squirt a dime-sized amount of shampoo into your hands. Work the product into the weave gently to create a lather. Do not scrub the hair, this may cause tangles. Avoid shampooing the joint where the natural hair and the weave meet. Rinse out the shampoo with cool or warm water. For exceptionally dry weaves, look for shampoos containing hydrating moisturizers.

Follow the shampoo with a conditioning treatment. Squirt a leave-in conditioner at the ends of the weave. Scrunch or comb the product through the hair. You should avoid using conditioners that contain heavy oils that can weigh your hair down. Look for conditioners that contain argan oil for a nourished look.

Visit a salon while wearing your weave, before it becomes too loose. Ask the stylist to touch-trim the edges to give you a clean look. Reshaping the weave into a newer style may also revive the look of your hairpiece.

Spritz your hair with antibacterial weave spray to kill bacteria from sweaty hair. Lift the hair and spray underneath and along the weave seam.