How to Reuse Broken and Old Jewelry

Jewelry image by Sergey Yakovenko from

You wore your favorite jewelry often but now it’s broken. Your loved and treasured your bracelets and rings can have a second life, as old and broken jewelry is hardly useless. In fact, it’s easy to use for rejuvenating and decorating tank tops, storage boxes, picture frames and even for making decorative wall art.

Jewelled Picture Frames

Gather broken bits of jewelry appropriate for decorating like the jewels on rings and the beads from earrings.

Find a picture frame to decorate. You may use an old white picture frame, or simply buy a new one.

Using a heated hot glue gun, dab small circles of glue onto the frame where you want to place decoration. Press the old jewelry pieces onto the glue spots. You may scatter the gems all over the frame or follow a pattern such as a line of two pearls followed by one red gem and so forth until the frame is completed. Also use this method to decorate vintage plates, soap dishes, vases, lampshades and other household items.

Jewelry Wall Art

Create wall art using old jewelry. Take any old pins, pearls, broaches and gems and glue them to a colored piece of card paper. Colored card paper can be purchased at any craft or dollar store. Scrapbook paper works fine as well. Make sure the card paper is big enough to fit inside a picture frame.

Sketch out your design before gluing, or simply go freestyle. Pattern ideas include a checkerboard with different corresponding colors, a letter or a shape such as a heart.

Glue on your gems with a hot glue gun. Let the page to dry. Set it into your picture frame.