How to Replace the Battery in a Nixon Rocker Watch

by David Hicks ; Updated September 28, 2017

Nixon focuses on high-end watch design.

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Founded in 1997, Nixon has focused itself on higher end watch design, concentrating on current athletes and musicians. Nixon's Rocker watches use quartz movements, and will therefore require battery replacement every three to five years. You will need to use a watch case opener to remove the case back from the watch to access the battery.

Lay the watch facedown on the soft cloth--this is to prevent the face being scratched while you remove the back.

Fit the case opener into the grooves in the case back. Open the case using a counterclockwise motion, according to the directions on your case opener.

Remove the case back to access the battery.

Lift the battery out carefully (with tweezers, if available). Set it aside to dispose properly.

Install the new battery into the same position, positive side up.

Before turning the watch over, use the case opener to close the back of the Nixon watch fully.


  • Be careful using metal tools close to the metal parts of your watch, since they can easily scratch the watch.

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