How to Replace Eye Glasses Legs

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Eyeglasses are expensive items to replace. The frames are particularly pricey and fragile and the legs often break or crack. Before you order a new pair, try some do-it-yourself remedies for fixing broken eyeglasses legs. You can replace legs that have come off or repair legs that are broken with common household items. The process should only take a couple of minutes.

Reattach the eyeglasses leg if it has come loose due to a lost screw. Look in the kit for the correct sized screw. Line up the posts of the hinges on the frame and leg. Insert a new screw and tighten with the small screw driver.

Tighten the screw on the glasses leg if the leg is loose. If the screw has been stripped or is too small for the frame, place a small drop of clear nail polish on the head of the screw once you have tightened it. This will prevent it from coming loose.

Glue the hinge back on if it has come off. Remove the screw using the small screwdriver. Scrape excess glue off the back of the hinge. Place a small drop of glue on the hinge and the frame. Hold the hinge in place until the glue has cured. Line up the hinges and replace the screw. Take care not to get glue in the screw or you will not be able to close or open the eyeglasses leg.

Fix your broken eyeglasses leg with a paper clip and some heat shrink tubing. Straighten out the paper clip and use the pliers to trim it to size. It should be long enough to replace the broken piece. Use the scissors to cut a piece of heat shrink wrap long enough to cover the end of the eyeglasses leg still attached to the frame and the paper clip. Place the heat shrink wrap over the leg end and paper clip and heat it with the hair dryer.