How to Use Foot Shavers

feet in grass

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When you walk a lot or expose your feet to the elements, they often become callused. If you have calluses or corns, a foot shaver will remove them and leave your feet soft and smooth. Shavers come in several forms -- some look similar to a razor and use a single sharp blade, while others are egg-shaped and have blades like a cheese grater. Use foot shavers with extreme caution to prevent shaving off too much skin.

Wash your feet with soap and warm water. Pat them dry with a towel. Allow them to air dry completely before shaving.

Change the blade in the shaver according to the package directions if you have used it more than two or three times.

Grasp the handle of the shaver tightly and press it against the thickest callus.

Slide the foot shaver down the callus lengthwise. If using a shaver that looks like a razor, work in one direction only. If using a rasp or egg-shaped shaver, work gently back and forth. Use very thin, light strokes, and stop shaving just before you think you need to.

Clean your shaver by rinsing it in warm, soapy water after each use. Lay it on a clean towel to dry.

Shave your calluses a second time if they remain the next day and your heels aren't sore. There is no need to change the blade for a second, brief shaving.