How to Repair a Bra Strap


Few things are more embarrassing than having your bra suddenly collapse when you are with other people. Perhaps you should have bought a new brassiere, but it is too late to think about that when it happens. You will need to repair your bra strap quickly before anyone notices. Read on to learn more.

Excuse yourself discreetly and go to the women's room. For a temporary fix, locate where the tear is and repair your bra strap by tying it in a knot or using a safety pin to reconnect the edges of the tear.

Purchase an elastic strap at a sewing store or a large superstore on your way home. The width should be similar to your bra strap.

Try sewing the torn area back together. This may be a bit of a challenge, especially if the edges are frayed.

Remove the damaged bra strap and discard it, if you are not able to sew it back together.

Place one end of the new elastic through the metal or plastic hoops that once held your bra strap. Form a new bra strap by guiding the elastic band through.

Sew the edges of the new bra strap together securely. It should fit like a regular bra strap. This repair to your bra will allow you to make do until you can get a better strap to replace it.

Purchase a new bra strap when you can so that you can replace the temporary elastic one.