How to Remove Wrinkles Naturally With Filler

Natural wrinkle fillers usually come in the form of a topical cream that attemps to fill in wrinkles from the outside, like filling a crack in the wall with plaster. Some wrinkle fillers have reflecting particles in them which help to reflect light away from the wrinkle and fool the eyes into thinking the wrinkle has disappeared. Advanced wrinkle creams tend to contain beneficial ingredients that help to moisturize, or plump up, the skin and push out wrinkles.

Cleanse the face with a good alcohol-free, anti-aging cleanser. Dry the skin by gently patting it with a clean towel.

Apply wrinkle filler directly on wrinkles by lightly patting the cream along the entire length of the wrinkle. Using the ring finger to apply the wrinkle filler, as it is the most gentle finger because it is the weakest.

Wait a minute or two for the wrinkle filler to dry. Apply an anti-aging moisturizer over the entire face, including over the wrinkle filler.