How to Remove Under Eye Bags


0:00 hi I'm TC more with the Avenues day spa

0:02 in Salt Lake City Utah we're talking

0:05 about how to reduce eye bags eyebags the

0:10 discoloration under your eyes and the

0:13 puffiness comes from accumulation of

0:14 fluid and it being a thin-skinned area

0:19 there's a few home remedies that you can

0:22 use of course you can apply teabags to

0:26 the eye cold cucumber slices to the eye

0:28 as well as an ice pack you can also

0:32 always use a purple concealer dot it

0:35 under the eye and make sure that when

0:38 you're using a concealer to use your

0:40 ring finger to apply it this is the

0:42 finger with the least pressure there's

0:45 also many products out there one of

0:47 which we sell here alla crest contour

0:49 eye cream that reduces puffiness and eye

0:52 bags how to reduce eye bags I'm master

0:59 esthetician TC at the avenues Day Spa in

1:02 Salt Lake City Utah