How to Remove Grease & Oil Stains From Leather


0:00 hi I'm sue in West Jordan today and

0:03 we're going to be taking out some oil

0:06 stains out of a leather coat and I'm

0:08 going to show you how sometimes you

0:10 could get them from different things

0:12 like even just body oil or maybe eating

0:16 pizza with your family and spilling some

0:19 on and like if you're spot you know just

0:22 lay it out and maybe take a little bit

0:25 of degreaser and blot the spot and then

0:29 take a little bit of you know just mild

0:31 soapy detergent and wash it off and then

0:35 finally what you would do is probably

0:36 condition sometimes it's difficult if

0:39 the leather is pigmented because the

0:42 chemicals will react differently on the

0:44 different areas of the jacket the best

0:47 way probably to keep from having to

0:51 remove the oil stains is to prevent it

0:53 just be pretty careful with your coats