How to Remove Bic Pen Ink

When the ink tube of a Bic pen explodes in your shirt or jean pocket, you might be inclined to just throw the clothing away, fearing the stain will never come out. A simple occurrence, such as a change in air pressure or environments of extreme heat can cause a Bic pen to leak and soil your clothing. There are ways to stop this from happening. Be sure to cap your pen after each use, treat the pen with some care; do not shake, twist or strongly tap it on a hard surface, and never leave pens in a hot car. If you are flying, turn the pen right-side up to equalize air pressure changes in the ink cartridge. If your pen does spring a leak, there are ways to remove it, depending what type of ink the pen held.

How to Remove Bic Pen Ink Stains

Place paper towel under the stain area to catch excess ink.

Saturate ink stain with hairspray.

Blot stain with rag. Do not rub. Repeat as often as needed.

Launder as usual.