How to Get ChapStick Out of a Cap

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The ChapStick company offers a line of lip balms that soften and hydrate your lips. These balms come in short, small tubes that include caps. Sometimes, the ChapStick will melt or you may twist the lip balm too far, resulting in it becoming stuck in the cap. Be careful when removing ChapStick from the cap because the ingredients in the lip balm may stain your clothing.

Place the ChapStick into the refrigerator for about one hour to stiffen it.

Wash your hands with soap and water.

Twist the ChapStick in the tube down so that there is a gap between the lip balm and the opening of the tube.

Sterilize a stiff, pointed nail file that's plastic or metal. Rub the nail file with a cotton ball soaked with rubbing alcohol.

Remove the cap from the ChapStick tube and place it on a flat surface, upside down, with the opening of the cap facing upward.

Insert the nail file into the ChapStick cap between the inside of the cap and the lip balm. Slide the file around the lip balm to remove it. If it's not sliding out easily, rub the outside of the cap with your fingers to loosen and warm up the ChapStick.

Remove the ChapStick and insert it into the applicator tube. Push it down into the tube gently with your finger. If it won't go into the tube fully, twist the tube to make some extra room.

Wipe the inside of the cap with facial tissue to get rid of any excess ChapStick.