How to Recognize a Transgender Bar

How to Recognize a Transgender Bar. A transgender person is someone who identifies more with the opposite gender than the one they were born in. These are men who feel like they should have been born as women and women who feel like they are really men inside. A transgender person may eventually have a sex change operation, or may simply opt to dress and act as someone of the gender with which they identify. Most transgender people identify themselves as heterosexual. In many communities, a transgender bar is a place where these people can come to meet friends and have fun in a safe, secure environment where they are free to be themselves.

Recognize transgender patrons. While many transgender people do a remarkable job of looking like the opposite sex, there are a few telltale signs you can look for to identify a person's physical gender. People who are physically men will have protruding Adam's apples, while those who are physically women will not.

Pay attention to the number of transgender patrons. If the clientele of the bar seems to be overwhelmingly transgender, then it is likely a transgender bar.

Find out if the bar has a floor show. Many transgender bars include weekly or nightly floor shows featuring cross dressers. These shows are popular among most transgender people, as they provide an outlet to support and encourage the talents of others in their community.

Look for flyers and posters for gay, lesbian and transgender events in the local area. Most transgender bars want to recognize and support events that highlight the transgender community.