How to Put a Kid in a Bubble (with Homemade, Extra Strength Bubble Solution)

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Create a bubble solution with common household equipment to throw a unique weekend activity for your kids or as inexpensive party entertainment. Fill a children's wading pool with the extra strength mixture to set the stage for the magical event, which requires a stool and a toy hoop. After the main event is over, let the kids create their own smaller bubbles using straws and other hollowed implements.

Add dish soap, corn syrup and unflavored gelatin to an empty 1-gallon container, such as a rinsed out milk jug. Fill up the rest of the way with warm tap water. Shake well. If possible, make the mixture a day ahead of time. Create at least 3 gallons of solution for a small swimming pool.

Create the bubble wand. Wind a long piece of cotton string around the tube of the large toy hoop, wrapping it like thread on a spool. It doesn't have to be tightly wound--a inch or so between the string will work. Tie the ends together. The string will help absorb the bubble solution.

Pour the solution in the plastic pool. Place the hoop in the pool. Place a low footstool in the center. Allow the stool to sit for a while. Skim the foam off the top before you start.

Instruct a child to stand on the footstool with his arms at his side. Ask two taller adults to grasp the toy hoop and lift it together, straight up and over the child's head. Hold it still; the bubble should last for a few seconds. The more you use the wand and solution the better the results.