Bath Salt Vs. Bath Beads

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It's that time of the day where a warm bath is in order. But you don't know what to choose, bath salt or bath beads. Does it matter? Both accomplish the same thing; they decompress your body after a long day. Nevertheless salts and beads are manufactured with different properties. They come in various colors, aromas and grains; and they both feel different against your skin. Whether to use bath salts or bath beads -- it's all up to you.

Bath Salts

Bath salts are Epsom salt particles infused with essentials oils and fragrant herbs, similar to potpourri. Epsom salt is a natural therapeutic mineral used throughout history for relaxation. A spoonful of bath salts will soften the bath water to absorb more deeply into your pores. It typically dissolves in less than ten minutes.

Bath Beads

Bath beads are tiny gel capsules filled with essential and mineral aroma therapy oils. They typically dissolve in the water on impact. Bath beads simply make your bath smell good, without the softening property of Epsom salt. The relaxation comes from their soothing aroma.

Homemade Recipes

You may opt to make your own bath salts, which are easier than making bath beads. Simply douse a container full of Epsom salt with your preferred essential oil. Make your mixture more complex by adding herbs, powders or dyes. You can bake the ingredients into the salts to crystallize the granules, or let them sit for an extended period of time in their preferred aroma and dye.

Making bath beads is a little more time consuming. Just as if you were preparing to bake some pastries, it involves mixing powdered milk, sugar and orange or rose water into a dough, but with the additional ingredient of borax powder. The dough is then shaped into tiny beaucoup balls and placed on wax paper to gel. Homemade bath salts and beads are a fun activity for any kind of girls' get-together.

Alternative Uses

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Some people like to use bath salts to exfoliate their skin, adding it to their liquid soap, face wash and body oils. They make great gifts. Place them decoratively in small containers for your special occasion gift sets. Others are creative enough to use bath salts and beads as air fresheners for different rooms. Masseuses sometimes massage the tiny balls into their client's skin for the therapeutic sensation.