Recipe for Crystal Deodorant

Making your own crystal deodorant is an easy, if somewhat long-term craft. Even children can make their own crystals, so it can be done. However, it does take weeks for the crystal to grow, so waiting that long for your deodorant may not make sense. Making a crystal that is the right size and shape may also take a bit of practice.

Crystal Deodorant

These crystals are made from potassium alum, and are sold for between $5 and $7. They are sold as one, large, smooth crystal that you wet and then rub under your arms. They are astringent and offer deodorant protection as well. Protection varies from 10 to 24 hours, depending on level of activity and body chemistry. Some people get better results than others. Crystal deodorants also come in spray bottles. The solid crystals will last up to six years or longer, depending on how often it is used and how much water is used to wet the stone. These crystals are water soluble, so they will deteriorate in water. They need to be applied to clean skin to work, and this can effect performance.

Crystal Deodorant Recipe Ingredients

Make your own crystal using a small amount of alum powder, a jar, a shallow dish, a string, and warm water. Alum is available in many stores, often in the spice or section. It can also be found on line. Its full name is potassium alum sulfate.

Crystal Deodorant Recipe Method

Boil 2 cups of water and add about 4 oz. of alum. Stir until dissolved. Keep adding alum powder until it won’t dissolve anymore. What you have created is called a saturated solution. Take your solution off the stove and let it cool. Once it has cooled, pour some of it into the shallow dish, and the rest into the jar. Cover the jar lightly, with a dish cloth for example, and set aside in a warm, dry area.

Leave the dish uncovered. In a few days, you will see crystals form. These are your seed crystals. Choose the largest seed crystal, tie the piece of string around it and the other end of the string around a stick or pencil. Suspend the seed crystal from the stick into the jar. Place the jar back in its warm location and wait.

In a few weeks you will have a large crystal, similar to the ones you can buy in the store.