How to Prepare for a Benchmark Test

Once again it's time for benchmark tests at your school, and you want to do well. A good score on a benchmark test indicates that you have gained the competencies that you are expected to have gained by this point in the year. Your score on a benchmark test should always be greater than the score on the benchmark before it, as this demonstrates progress. You need not worry about beginning-of-the-year benchmark scores, as they are intended to measure the knowledge with which you are beginning the course.

Attend school regularly. Good school attendance can help to keep you from getting behind in your coursework, which is a common reason that benchmark scores are low.

Take notes in class. There are no preparation materials commercially available for benchmark tests. The notes you take are a valuable part of your preparation materials.

Complete all of your assignments and ask for help with anything you don't understand. The benchmark is based on what you are learning in class. If you learn it well, you will be prepared.

Save your notes and completed assignments in a binder. Review them before the benchmark test and ask for clarification on anything you don't understand.