How to Pack Clothes for Moving

How to Pack Clothes for Moving. With all the boxes you have when moving, it is easy to misplace something so you want to make sure your clothes are packed where you can find them quickly and easily.

Leave all your blouses, shirts, skirts and dresses on hangers so the clothing does not get creased in boxes. Put your pants on curtain or pants' hangers. You can hang several together to take up less space.

Tie the hangers together so they're easy to carry. You can also use strong elastics at the top of the hangers to hold them firmly. Only put a few together so they aren't too heavy.

Put bags on the clothing to protect them from rain, dirt or snow. Use a garbage bag with a hole at the top. You can now carry them easily in any weather. Place them across the back seat of your car and then hang them in your new home right away.

Pack underwear and socks into a box to keep them private. Mark the box so it is easy to find. Even if you can't locate anything else, you want to know where to find your under clothes

Add 2 days' worth of clothing in an overnight bag or suitcase in case you lose the boxes or in case the moving truck arrives late. Make sure you include socks, underwear, bras, pajamas, two tops, two pairs of pants and a sweater.

Move drawers one at a time. Remove the drawer and cover the top of the drawer with towels or plastic to protect the clothes. Tape from one side of the drawer to the next so the clothes don't fall out when you move them. Now you can carry the drawers with ease and stack them in the moving van.

Untape them at your new home and slide the drawers right back into the dresser.

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