How to Organize a Charity Gala

How to Organize a Charity Gala. A charity gala is a popular way to raise funds for a good cause. If you want to organize a gala for your favorite charity, be prepared for hard work. After months of preparation, you'll have a glamorous and glittering night of music, beautiful gowns and, with luck, a balance sheet in the black. So put on a great charity ball, and get those folks in the mood to give.

Recruit dependable volunteers. You need people who can decorate, work on public relations and secure great entertainment. Find a few volunteers who don't mind doing the nitty gritty, such as entering information into a computer or planning seating charts. You'll need a few over-the-top organizers so no detail gets ignored or left until the last minute.

Choose a fun theme. Phantom of the Opera? Mardi Gras? A beach party? You'll want to plan your invitations, decor, dress and food around your theme.

Plan a realistic and workable budget. Realize you'll need to spend some money to make a lot more money. But try to get as much donated as possible.

Book entertainment. A band or DJ contributes to the overall atmosphere of the gala. Once you get guests dancing, they'll be ready to rock out all night long. And the more fun they have, the more dollars they'll shell out to the cause.

Promote, promote, promote. Spread the news about the gala to get as many people involved as possible. Send news releases to local media, and organize folks to get on local talk shows. Expect people will want to come to the gala.. Many are willing to pay top dollar for the chance to attend a prominent social event.

Serve a fantastic meal. Nothing makes guests happier than food that's better than the typical banquet offering. It may cost a little more to have a top-notch dinner, but you'll find it's worth it.