How to Organize 200 Ties in the Closet

Neckties to men are like shoes to women: Some people can just never have too many. Their variety perks up those dull business suits, adds a splash of color, reveals some vibrant personality. Ties also become linked to memories, to dates, to the children who gave them as gifts. But closet space does become an issue, and then it’s time to sort out the stained, the bad and the ugly—and to preserve the ties you love.

Fit to be Tied

Pull all the ties out of your closet and decide if 200 is really a firm number of keepers. Maybe there are some you are ready to donate, some you don’t wear often. And there must be at least one with a defect that makes it unwearable. Part with as many as you can.

Sort the remaining rainbow of ties by color family—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, black. Pull out any holiday-theme ties and hang them separately so you don’t have to hunt through those on an everyday basis.

Hang each tie on its own peg, using each side of the five hangers for a color or grouping of like colors. When you're done and all the ties are hung, add the hangers to your closet.