How to Measure the Bottom Sweep of a Sweater

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The dimensions of your sweater determine its fit and style. While the dimensions of your favorite cable-cord number appear stagnant, sweater materials change with manipulation and stretching. The bottom sweep refers to the bottom-most edge or hemline. Typically, this edge hits at, or below, the hip. Some sweater styles gather the bottom sweep to create a snug fit, while others hang straight, similar to a tunic.

Spread the sweater on a flat surface and smooth out any wrinkles.

Place the measuring tape just below the left end of the bottom sweep. Secure the position with one hand.

Pull the measuring tape along the bottom sweep so the tape lies directly below, but not on top of, the bottom sweep hemline. Hold the measuring tape at the edge of the right side and record the measurement. This is the "relaxed bottom sweep."

Place one thumb at each end of the bottom sweep and extend the width as far as possible. Ask an assistant to perform steps two and three to measure the "extended bottom sweep."