How to Measure a Man's Neck Size

How to Measure a Man's Neck Size. You must know a man's neck size is imperative before shopping for shirts. Follow these steps to take the measurement.

Take the neck measurement either late in the afternoon, or in the evening. By the end of the day, a person can better assess comfort. A tight collar button that feels fine early in the morning, might not be a comfortable fit by the end of the day. Tie wearing professionals should definitely obtain their neck measurement later in the day.

Wrap a cloth measuring tape snugly around the neck, directly over the Adam's apple. Ensure the tape is measuring in a straight line and not twisted at the back. The fit must be comfortable and not chafe. It should not cause discomfort or pressure on the neck.

Add half an inch to the measurement as a comfort buffer. If preferred, the model can simply place an index finger under the measuring tape, next to the neck. This ensures the man is able to swallow and turn his head comfortably, without loosening his tie.

Round up the measurement to the nearest half an inch. It's standard for dress shirts to come in half sizes. For quarter sizes, the shirt must be custom made.

Write down the neck size for future reference.

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