How to Make Wigs

Making your own wig has many advantages. It tends to be cheaper in the long run and you get to customize the styles and colors to your personal preferences. Wigs can be quite expensive as they can range from $30 to $60 for synthetic to $80 and more for human hair. Many times the different styles that are available are not to your liking and you may end up with one you have to fix later on. This is where knowing how to make your own comes in handy.

Gather your materials. You can find Styrofoam heads at beauty supply shops or through online retailers. They usually cost around $5. Wig caps usually come in black and brown shades, but you should purchase one that will blend in with your wig. Most wig caps cost around $2 each so you can purchase many at one time. Do not get a wig caps confused with hair nets. You may be able to use a hair net for your wig, but it’s easier and more reliable to use a wig cap. When you purchase packs of hair from a beauty supply store, you may end up spending at least $20 or more depending on the quality and brand of hair. The glue you will be using is made to bond hair and has a black rubbery consistency to it. You can purchase it in white for lighter color wigs as well. Scissors, curlers and curling irons are all optional depending on what style you want your wig.

Try the wig cap on your head to make sure the fit is comfortably tight. Place the wig cap on the Styrofoam head to keep it in place while you are gluing the hair on. Make sure you adjust the wig cap on the Styrofoam head so that it fits the same way you had it fitting on your head.

Glue the hair on. When gluing the hair on the cap, make sure you apply the glue on the hair tracks as neatly as possible. You may need to cut the hair tracks down to make them easier to manage and handle. Once you start gluing the hair on, make sure it’s even and looks right.

Style your wig. This is the fun part. You can cut your wig in layers, add bangs or use curlers and style it to your liking. Once you’ve styled, layered and curled your wig, let the glue set and dry for a few hours. After it’s dry, comb the wig and wear it with pride.