How to Sew on a Full Lace Wig

The popularity of the full lace front wig is continuing to grow, thanks to Tyra Banks and Beyonce, whose hair always looks flawless. The full lace wig is specially hand crafted to make it appear that the hair is growing right out of your scalp. There are a few different ways to apply a full lace wig, but the most common and longest lasting method is to sew it in.

Sewing on a Full Lace Wig

Braid your hair in corn rows going straight back. If you have long hair past the nape hairline, lift the braids upward and lay them in between the corn rows and sew the braids together.

Wipe your forehead at the hairline with rubbing alcohol to remove dirt and oil. This is where the lace will lay once the wig is on your head. Apply the scalp protector to the front hairline and let it dry.

Apply the hair adhesive to the hairline, being especially careful not to get adhesive on your natural hair.

Slowly put the wig on your head starting in the back and stretching it to the front. Align the frontal lace to your desired position, then press firmly on the lace using the back of your comb to bond the lace to the scalp. Put all of your wig hair up into a clip, leaving only an inch width of hair down around the back hairline and ears. Thread your needle.

Sew the lace to the corn rows you created starting at one side of the head just above the ear and continue to sew moving along the back hairline until you reach just above the other ear. Use a slip knot to tie off the thread when complete.

Rub the alcohol with your cotton pad around the back hairline two times to cleanse that area, then apply the scalp protector. Apply a thin layer of hair adhesive around the back hairline and press down firmly on the lace using the back of your comb.

Allow lace and adhesive approximately ten minutes to dry then comb and style your hair.