How to Make Traditional Charoset for Passover

How to Make Traditional Charoset for Passover. Passover is the Jewish observance of the exodus of the Jewish slaves from Egypt, and Seder is the traditional meal served at Passover. One of the traditional foods served at the Seder is Charoset, which is supposed to be a reminder of the mortar the slaves used for building monuments for the pharaoh. Make traditional Charoset with these instructions.

Shell and chop enough walnuts to get 1 cup of walnut meats. Use a food processor to finely chop the nuts if desired. Toast them in a non-stick skillet over medium heat. Shake or stir often for about 5 minutes, or until the aroma is noticeable.

Peel and seed 1 granny smith or red delicious apple. Cut it very finely. This can also be run through the food processor. The end result of the texture should be similar to mortar, so it can be a reminder of the reason for Passover.

Add the nuts to the apples and stir.

Mix 2 tsps. of sugar and 2 tsps. of cinnamon into the apple-nut mixture. Stir well.

Put in kosher red wine. Only add just enough to moisten the apple mixture. Start with a teaspoon, stir and repeat until the desired texture is achieved.

Serve the Charoset in the following manner. Dip a finger-full of the bitter herbs, or Marror, into the Charoset, shake off and eat. The Charoset cuts down the sharp taste of the herbs.