How to Make Synthetic Hair Look Real

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Hair extensions are a great way to make hair appear fuller and thicker. Whether used in updos, braids or simply to achieve more volume, hair extensions that are not made from real hair can look cheap and fake. Synthetic hair often has a shiny plastic look that appears extra fake in sunlight. This can be alleviated by applying baby or face powder to the hair and using a flat iron set on low to dull the texture. Powder application should be done every day or every other day to maintain look.

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Divide hair into two sections. Take one section and evenly distribute baby powder over extensions. Loose face powder can also be used but is generally more expensive than baby powder.

Apply baby powder evenly to the other section of extensions. It is better to over-apply powder than not enough as powder can always be brushed or shaken out. Too little powder can result in extensions still appearing shiny.

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Brush out powdered extensions with a plastic bristle brush (also called a weave brush) or shake out until all excess powder is removed. Plastic bristle brushes are recommended over boar bristle brushes, which can trap powder and eventually cake on the brush.

Repeat steps every day or every other day as needed to avoid super shiny hair. Flat irons set on low can also be applied to extensions to dull the texture. Simply grab sections of hair starting at the roots and pull iron down, creating straight, less shiny hair.