How to Make Strawberry Sauce

When summer approaches, our taste buds get ready for heaps of delicious ripe strawberries. These can be prepared a number of tasty ways, but one that is sometimes overlooked is strawberry sauce. While this is a natural for waffles or pancakes, even ice cream or frozen yogurt, consider it also as a topping for cake or any dessert (try sauce squeezed out like icing). Be creative. Maple syrup makes a nice substitute for sugar in this recipe.

How to Make Strawberry Sauce

Rinse strawberries and with a sharp knife, cut off the stem ends.

Place strawberries in blender along with citrus juice and maple syrup. You may have to divide the recipe in half in order to fit the strawberries in the blender, then blend each half separately.

Blend each batch until pureed smooth.

If not serving immediately, refrigerate strawberry sauce in sealed containers. The sauce should keep 10 days.