How to Make Starch


0:00 There's lots of different pieces to the ironing puzzle. The one I'm going to show you today

0:05 is spray starch. Now there's lots of spray starches that you can buy at the store, not

0:11 to give away any brands or anything but, what I've done is I've gone ahead and made my own

0:17 spray starch. You're probably wondering why spray starch? Why do you use spray starch?

0:22 Well, spray starch is particularly good on things that, on clothes that need more structures,

0:27 like a man's dress shirt per say. That, those are hard to get the wrinkles out and they

0:32 need to look really pressed and really clean. So, now you can use any of the spray starches

0:38 that you find in your grocery store but I've gone ahead and made my own spray starch. So,

0:45 what I've done is I've gotten a spray bottle here, it could be any size, it could be smaller

0:50 and I've taken 2 cups of water, just plain tap water. Then I've added 1 tablespoon of

0:58 corn starch, any corn starch is fine that you get in the store. Then what I do is I

1:03 shake it up, shake it really good, make sure all of the particles are loose. You don't

1:11 want corn starch on your clothes, so give it a really good shake. Make sure it's good,

1:18 everything is shaked in there. Make your solution really solvent and you're ready to go. Now

1:30 that we've made our incredible homemade spray starch, I want to give you a cautionary warning

1:36 here. Don't use too much of it. Now I don't know if you have ever worn something that's

1:41 over starched, it's really uncomfortable. I did it once and my husband let me know,

1:45 o.k, so there you go. Use it sparingly, it is your friend, but use it sparingly. O.k,

1:52 so now that you have your starch, you're ready to get ironing, so let's go.