How to Make Slippers on a Loom

Loom knitting is very easy to learn. Best of all you can make almost anything you can on regular needles on a knitting loom. One of the easiest projects to start with is loom knit slippers. Loom knit slippers are very useful and they make a wonderful gift. All you need to make them is a basic knowledge of loom knitting.

Hold two strands of yarn together so they make one. Anchor your yarn by making a slip knot on the anchor peg of your loom.

Wrap each peg of the knitting loom. To "e-wrap" place your working yarn and go between the last peg and first peg towards the inside of the loom. Then, wrap the first peg by going around it and toward the second peg. To wrap the second peg take your working yarn between peg two and three. Go around peg two and toward peg three. Keep repeating this stitch for each peg until all the pegs are wrapped. After you wrap the last peg you need to go around the loom again so that each peg has two loops.

Take your working yarn and anchor it to your anchor peg. Then, take your pick tool and lift the bottom loop over the top loop on each peg. This creates a row of stitches.

Unwrap your working yarn from the anchor peg and wrap each peg of the knitting loom again. Use the pick tool to pull the bottom loop over the top loop to create another row of stitches. Keep doing this until you have about two or three inches of knitted material.

Create a cuff for your slipper by taking the two- or three-inch length you have knit and folding it up and back on to the loom. To do this take the bottom edge, which is the first row of stitches you created, match the loop with its original peg and place it back on the peg. Take your pick tool and lift the bottom loop over the top.

Keep creating rows using the e-wrap stitch until you have a ten inch tube. Cut your working yarn leaving a four inch tail. Cut a piece if yarn that is about one foot long. Use this thread and your plastic upholstery needle to go around the loom and under each loop. Each loop will be on your thread now; pick them off the loom. Turn the slipper inside out and use the thread to pull the toe closed and knot it like a drawstring. Weave the leftover thread into the weave of the slipper. Then, flip it to the right side.

Use your crochet hook to make a simple chain about one foot in length. If you don't know how to crochet you can braid a chain that is the same length. This will be the drawstring for your slipper. Weave the drawstring through your loom kit slipper just underneath the cuff. Tie it in a bow.

Repeat steps one through seven to create the second slipper.