How to Make Sea Salt Hand Cream

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Sea salt is a healthy alternative to table salt, as it does not experience any chemical processing that removes its natural minerals. Katherine Zeratsky of the Mayo Clinic states, "Sea salt is produced through evaporation of seawater, usually with little processing, which leaves behind some trace minerals and elements depending on its water source. These insignificant amounts of minerals add flavor and color to sea salt, which also comes in a variety of coarseness levels." There are other kinds of sea salt, like Dead Sea salt, which is a common salt used in salt baths and skin care products due to its high nutritional content.

Add 1 tbsp. of sea salt or Dead Sea salt to 3/4 cup of distilled water and mix well until all of the salt is dissolved in the water.

Add 1/4 cup aloe vera gel to the water and salt mixture and mix well again.

Melt 1 oz. beeswax in a double boil on low heat.

Add the almond oil and the coconut or cocoa butter to the beeswax. Let the beeswax and the coconut or cocoa butter melt and mix well.

Remove the beeswax and oil mixture from the heat and pour it in a blender. Let it sit until it starts to thicken.

Start the blender on high setting and slowly pour the water mixture on top of the beeswax and oil mixture. Blend well until it develops a cream-like consistency.

Pour in a jar or a container of your choice and add 10 drops eucalyptus essential oil. Mix again with a spoon. Close the lid and let the mixture cool before using it.