How to Treat a Bad Bikini Line Rash

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Red itchy bumps and inflammation around the bikini line are signs of a bad skin reaction or a rash. Rashes or irritated skin are a general side effect of shaving or waxing of the bikini area. When hair is removed from the bikini zone, the hair follicles often split and tend to grown under the surface of the skin which causes redness and inflammation. Bikini line rashes can be embarrassing. Don’t let your day at the beach go to ruin – learn how to treat a bad bikini line rash.

Wash the infected area with antibacterial soap and water. Pat dry with a clean, dry washcloth.

Dab a small amount of hydro-cortisone cream onto a cotton swab. Spread a thin layer of the cream onto the affected area. Allow to dry before dressing. The cream helps treat redness and inflammation and will help the rash to heal.

Reapply the hydro-cortisone cream two to three times a day until the rash has cleared. The rash should clear within two to seven days.