How to Make Ro*Tel Dip

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Make your own tortilla chips and serve them fresh from the oven.

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Offer your guests a taste of the Southwest at your next party. Prepare a simple cheesy hamburger dip with Ro_Tel canned tomatoes and green chilies to take the edge off their appetites while they wait for the main course. Since not everyone enjoys spicy food, you may want to prepare two batches of Ro_Tel dip -- one mild and one hot. Complement your Southwestern dip with nachos and corn chips, as well as lemonade, beer, sangria, margaritas or iced tea.

Slice the onion and cut the block of processed cheese into cubes. Set both aside.

Put the ground beef in a skillet or pan. Cook it over a medium heat, using a spatula to break apart the hamburger.

Add the onion after a little grease appears on the bottom of the pan. Thoroughly cook the hamburger and onions. Drain off the excess grease.

Add a can of Ro*Tel diced tomatoes to the skillet. Mix well.

Add your cheese cubes to the ground beef mixture. Let the cheese melt, continuing to stir the mixture as needed.

Spoon the Ro*Tel dip into a medium-size serving dish or bowl. Serve warm.

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