How to Make Money With Incentive Freebie Websites

by Alicia Bodine ; Updated April 17, 2017

Offer incentives for your clients to fill out free offers.

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Freebie incentive websites are also referred to as get-paid-to, or GPT, websites. Owners of these types of websites offer individuals an incentive, often cash or gift cards, to sign up with various companies or to complete offers. Owning one of these websites can be extremely profitable if you know exactly how the system works, how to set it up and how to promote it to earn maximum profit.

Choose a catchy domain name and hire a reputable hosting company. Your domain name must be something easy to remember. The best freebie incentive domain names also center around a theme, such as CashDuck or GangsterGreed. The theme will lend itself to a cool logo that members are sure to remember.

Hire an individual or a company to create a custom script for you that goes along with your site's theme. The script must be able to allow you to input and manage all offers, manage your members, keep track of completed offers, send payments and send out emails to the members. You can find a freelance script writer from eLance, Odesk or FSRevolution.

Retain an affiliate manager. Affiliate managers keep track of companies that are willing to pay for completed offers or gathered personal information. For example, Company X may be willing to pay $1.00 for every name and email address collected when someone signs up with its website. You may offer your members $.50 for completing this task so that you can pocket the other $.50. It isn't profitable to take the time to search out hundreds of these companies yourself when an affiliate manager can do it for you in a matter of minutes. PointClickTrack and Adscend Media both offer this type of service.

Place Google Adsense ads on your website before you make it live. Once your freebie incentive website gains recognition, you will be able to get paid advertisements on your site for additional income. This is above the income you will be receiving from the completed incentives. A Google Adsense account is free.

Advertise your freebie incentive websites through Google Adwords, article marketing and by placing a link in your signature on like-minded forums. The key is to get your site noticed. Holding a referral contest is also an effective way to increase your beginning membership. Offer a gift card to the member with the highest number of referrals.


  • You will need to be able to cover the first few months of payouts to your members. This is because completed freebie incentives are often not paid to you until Net-30. If you have $3,000 in completed offers on June 30th, you won't get that cash until July 30th.

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