How to Make Male Hair Grow Fast

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Some men like to have longer hair while others are trying to re-grow lost hair. For whatever reason these men want to grow their hair fast. On average a person grows hair at a rate of just 6 inches a year or roughly one-half inch every month. Genetics and diet play an important role in how fast hair grows, but there are methods that are shown to improve hair growth in some people. With perseverance a man can grow hair fast.

Massage the scalp. Bend over so the blood rushes to the head. Place the balls of the fingers on the scalp and gently move in circular motions. Do this for 1 to 2 minutes every day. The massage increases blood circulation. The Hair Loss Expert in the article “Can Scalp Massage Stimulate Hair Growth” reports that a regular scalp massage brings more nutrients to the hair follicles so the hair can grow faster.

Wash hair and scalp regularly. Use the right shampoo for your hair type—dry, oily or normal. Wash the scalp to remove oil and dirt buildup and to unclog the hair follicles suggests the article “Learn How to Grow Long Hair and Keep It Healthy:” on the Long Locks website. Rinse out the shampoo thoroughly so no residue remains that might clog the follicles. A clean scalp is better able to grow hair.

Reduce heat. Rinse hair only with warm of lukewarm water. Don’t use a blow dryer to dry the hair. Allow the hair to air dry, suggests the Mayo Clinic in its article “Hair Loss.” Or dry the hair using just a towel. Hot water and heated hair appliances dry out the hair and makes it more likely to break off. To grow hair you need to keep the hair you already have.

Apply a scalp treatment. Apply essential oil to the hair to stimulate hair growth. Buy essential oils like rosemary, nettle, basil or sage from a health food store. Apply a tiny amount of one or more of the oils to scalp. Massage in and leave on overnight, suggests Riquette in her book “Grow Hair in 12 Weeks.” In the morning, shampoo the hair. These essential oils invigorate the scalp causing more blood flow to the hair follicles, and this improves hair growth.