How to Make Kindergarten Graduation Caps

It's not very difficult to make kindergarten graduation caps for the small ceremony that is given for the class at the end of the school year. These caps are custom-made to fit each child and look very much like the caps the grown-up kids wear. The caps are lightweight and will stay in place due to the elastic thread chin strap.


Cut a 26-inch and an 18-inch piece of yarn for each cap. Cut 10 pieces of yarn 15 inches in length for each cap tassel.

Lay one piece of the 26-inch yarn horizontally on the work surface.

Place 10 of the 15-inch pieces vertically across the center of the 26-inch piece that has been placed on the table. There should be 7-1/2 inches on either side of the long horizontal piece.

Lift both ends of the long piece and tie a firm double knot securing the bundle of 15-inch pieces. This is the body of your tassel.

Lay an 18-inch piece of yarn on the work surface. Lay the top of the bulk or body of the tassel about 1/2 inch down from the knotted point, onto the center of the 18-inch piece of yarn.

Tie a knot in the 18-inch piece of yarn, which creates a ball shape at the top of the tassel. Tightly wrap the doubled yarn around the tassel top, just under the ball shape. Knot to secure. Trim the yarn to even the fringe of the tassel.


Measure each child's head circumference with measuring tape just above the ears. Add 2 inches to the measurement and write each one down.

Cut an 11-by-11 inch square from card stock for each graduation cap. Lay the square on a work surface. Use the sharp end of pointed scissors or a compass tool to pierce the very center of the square. Make a hole large enough for a piece of doubled yarn to be pulled through it. Be careful to slowly pierce the hole without ripping the material.

Cut a strip of card stock for each child's headband. It must be 5 inches wide and match the measurement that you recorded for the child. Write the child's name on the wrong side of the card stock.

Lay the headband piece wrong side up on the work table. Take a pencil and mark the edge every 1 1/2 inches down the length of one side of the band. Make a 2-inch-long line vertically at each mark.

Cut each 2-inch-long slit in the headband.

Form a circle with the material. Overlap the ends 2 inches. Staple the top and bottom of the card stock.

Fold the tabs slightly that have been formed with the slits.

Place the folded tabs down on to the wrong side of the 11-by-11-inch square. Glue the tabs to securely adhere the band to the square. Let dry thoroughly.

Take a paper punch and punch a hole 1/8 inch from the bottom rim of the headband on both sides of the cap. Cut an 18-inch piece of elastic thread. Thread the end through one hole and knot the thread securely. Repeat with the second hole to secure the chin strap.

Thread the free ends of the 26-inch piece of yarn through the hole at the top of the graduation cap. Pull the yarn in to the interior of the cap a few inches. Thread the yarn into a paper clip. Tie a small, tight knot in the yarn ends to the paper clip. The clip will keep the yarn from pulling out of the cap and allows the tassel to hang freely.