How to Make Homemade Gnocchi (from scratch)

The following is a recipe to make gnocchi from scratch and this recipe is enough for six to seven servings

Start out by cleaning the potatoes and place them (with the skin) in a pot with water and let them cook them on medium low heat for twenty to twenty five minutes. Then drain them and put them back in the now dry pot for a few minutes so that they dry well.

Next crush them until you get a fine puree, and at this time add the two egg reds, the teaspoon of salt, and enough flour to obtain a smooth and dense composite. With a wooden spoon stir the composite for a minute or two and then add ounce of butter.

Now take the composite with your hands and continue to mix it for a few minutes and then add some flour on the table where you are going to work on, and roll the composite in a sausage like roll at make it long about one and a half inches, and cut them in small pieces.

Then add the gnocchi pieces in a pot with hot water and cook them on medium until they rise up and then drain them and place them over the remaining butter.