How to Make Homemade Depilatory Wax

For those who dislike the short lived results of shaving and don't have the necessary funds for laser hair removal, waxing can be a great alternative. The results last longer and waxing can leave your skin feeling much smoother. What could be better than saving more money by making your own homemade wax ( that actually works) from scratch!

Make sure you have a spacious and clean working area before you begin. Lay out some newspaper or a baking sheet to protect the area you're working in from any sticky situations.

Pour your one cup of sugar in a microwave safe bowl, along with the honey and the dark corn syrup or molasses. Put your bowl in the microwave for about three to four minutes. The bowl will be extremely hot, so take great care in making sure you don't burn yourself by wearing oven gloves. Squeeze the juice of the lemon into the mixture and mix with a wooden stick.

Put your bowl back in the microwave until the mixture has completely dissolved. It should have a thick, sticky consistency and all the sugar crystals should have melted. The color will be similar to burnt amber.

Give it one last mix and carefully pour mixture into glass jar. Let your newly made wax cool down before attempting to use as you could burn yourself.

Before applying wax, make sure you apply cornstarch or baby powder to the area, as it absorbs moisture and allows the hair to be removed much more smoothly. Use cotton muslin wax strips that you can pick up from any beauty store or cut up old cotton shirts into strips to use.