Instructions for How to Use the GiGi Wax Warmer

Body waxing is a method of hair removal that uses a thick wax to dry onto the surface and pull the hair out from the root. Most body waxes come to a solid, tight consistency when it is at room temperature, so applying it to the skin can be a challenge. In order to make the wax easier to work with, you can use a device made by GiGi called a wax warmer that brings the body wax up to a high enough temperature that you can spread it, making the entire waxing process a lot easier.

Using the Wax Warmer

Plug the wax warmer into an electrical outlet and slip the cardboard collar around the opening in the top. This will protect the warmer from wax mess.

Remove the lid from the GiGi hard wax and drop the container into the opening in the wax warmer. Leave the wax in the warmer for at least 20 minutes on "H" until the wax appears like thick honey.

Wash the area to be waxed with GiGi pre-lotion and pat the skin dry. Treat your skin with a GiGi numbing spray to dull the pain of the waxing after cleaning.

Lower the heat to "L" and take out a portion of warmed wax using the plastic spatula. Spread a vertical row of wax that is no wider than the cotton strips.

Lay a cotton strip on top of the wax and press it down using your knuckles. Work your knuckles in the same direction as your hair growth. Hold the skin down firmly and use your other hand to remove the cotton strip from your skin. Pull the strip away from the direction of your hair growth.

Cleaning the Wax Warmer

Leave the warmer turned on while you pour 1/3 of a cup of wax cleaner into the wax pot or chamber. However, the warmer should only be warm enough to melt the wax and not so hot that it can boil the wax cleaner.

Put a wool pad on the chamber and leave it in for one to two minutes or until the pad soaks up the wax and the wax cleaner.

Wipe the wool pad around the wax pot or chamber to remove the residue wax. You can use a wooden spatula to wipe the wool pad around the chamber, so you won't have wax on your hands. Wipe the wool pad around until all the dried wax is removed from the pot.