How to Make Fake Eyelashes Look Natural

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Fake eyelashes work wonders for eyes. A set of thick, dramatic lashes can instantly transform tiny eyes into wide-open peepers. Long, wispy lashes can be a flirty, fun addition for a night out. Fake eyelashes are also helpful for adding length and thickness to thin lashes. The key to wearing fake lashes with confidence is making them blend naturally with your own. Making fake eyelashes look natural is a cosmetic trick every lash enthusiast should know.


Select a set of lashes that matches your hair color. If you have fair hair, for example, opt for brown since black may be too harsh and artificial-looking for your complexion. Also, stick with shorter lengths as very long lashes look unnatural.

Hold the lash strip against your eye and snip off any excess length to ensure you have the perfect fit for your eye shape.

Apply lash glue to the eyelash strip according to the product's instructions and place the lashes along your natural lash line. Maneuver them into place to ensure they are resting in a natural formation. Allow to dry.

Use your black eyeliner to trace over the area where the lash strip meets your eyelid. Fill in any areas where your skin may be showing between the strip and your natural lashes. Nothing gives away a set of fake lashes more than a bit of skin peeking through.

Swipe several coats of mascara over your full set of lashes (real and fake). This will blend your natural eyelashes with the fake ones giving the illusion of thick, lush, natural-looking lashes.